Welcome to the KGraphExplore (KGX) homepage.

KGX is an application to visually and interactively explore arbitrary graphs specified in the Graph eXchange Language (GXL). KGX is being implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, and as a KDE application.

GXL is somewhat of a standard for specifying a graph. KGX is a visualization tool for any GXL graph, but is especially interested in those produced by the CPPX C++ Fact Extractor, a tool used in design recovery of C++ source code.

The initial release of KGX will be the Eclipse plug-in, and the CVS for this stream will be available shortly.


This GXL GraphExplorer (Graph Explorer), KGraphExplore, is a graph visualization tool for exploring graphs specivied in the Graph Exchange Language (GXL), particularilly those used in software engineering research. KGX is an Eclipse plug-in and can export to SVG. It is also implemented in C++ using the Qt Libraries as a KDE application. Jeff McLean